Amid everything else they do for their own businesses and families, these agents have found ways to continually help their communities through socially-distant outdoor events, food drives, and more.
The new partnership will give agents in's ReadyConnect Concierge program access to Qualia's digital closing technology.
Quick to accentuate the positive and selectively leave out the negative, recruiters hustling to keep the agent pipeline full have been known to omit some of the finer details. Here's our list of top things recruiters will never tell you about a career in real estate.
After sitting on the market for nearly two years, Sandra Bullock accepted an offer for her estate that was about $2.33 million below the original asking price.
The new tech tool is aimed at helping Compass agents manage their pipeline "from lead to active client to close."
The estate was also the site of a family drama after Collins filed a lawsuit demanding his ex-wife vacate the property.
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