Compass has grown rapidly by offering agents shares in the company and in some cases cash. But the company has now cut those perks as the market slows.
The lender plans to boost revenue by growing purchase loan business and loan servicing portfolio, with digital HELOC also in the works, according to a second-quarter earnings call.
The fast-growing brokerage earned $2 billion in revenue during the second quarter of the year, but also saw losses rise to $101 million, according to an earnings report issued Monday.
Executives said to be concerned about reputational risk of correspondent lending channel, which has historically accounted for as much as half of the bank's home loan business.
Chris Dietz will spearhead LeadingRE's global business strategy across a number of its brands and will be responsible for all regions outside of the U.S., it was announced Monday.
Flow, the WeWork founder's fledging startup, has received an investment of approximately $350 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and has already earned a $1 billion valuation.
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