Parent company Redwood Trust closes deal to acquire Portland, Oregon-based bridge loan provider Riverbend Funding LLC.
The residential market continued going strong but showed signs of reaching a tipping point, according to data released by New York City brokerages.
Cynthia Keskinkaya brought in over $50 million in sales in the past 12 months and brokered almost a half-billion dollars in sales volume over the course of her real estate career.
When owning multifamily properties in multiple markets, there is a gap that must be bridged between owners and those serving their interests. While technology makes this easier, it is no substitute for personal attention and effective communication.
Some short-term rental investors saw the power shift from hosts to guests while others feared Airbnb’s major update took away their competitive advantage.
The vast majority of recently purchased vacation homes are exposed to risk from storms and heat. Floods are an increasing concern.
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