New data from Zillow shows that the most popular housing markets of 2022 so far fall right in line with that trend, with the top 10 markets all pricey suburbs just outside a major city.
Powered by, Homepoint Cash Compete program is available at launch in six states: California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas and Washington.
The new office is headquartered in Amsterdam and led by luxury agent and managing partner Karina Nippérus.
The new franchise will operate in Bonaire, an island off the coast of Venezula. The expansion comes at a time when international growth represents a major bright spot for Keller Williams.
A video posted this month portrays the insanity of renting an apartment in New York right now, with tenants paying so-called "cuck money" and reports of more Airbnbs in the city than rentals.
New home sales took a hit for the fourth-straight month in April as buyers grappled with the new reality of rising home prices and mortgage rates in excess of 5 percent, according to Census Bureau data.
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